CXL-TPS Wall Mounted Ticket Printer
  • Easy to setup and configure
  • Desk Top POS style printers
  • CXL-TPS Wall Mounted printer
  • Touch Screens and Kiosks
  • Multiple displays
  • Remote preview
  • Inbuilt ticket editor
  • Remote printer status

SmartPrinter - Ticket Issue Software

Designed and written by Alex Simmens, SmartPrinter is the Print Server and Touch Screen driver for the Queue Management System.

SmartPrinter can handle multiple printers which can be local or network attached. Tickets can be self issued, where members of the public select the service they require via push buttons, touch screen etc. and receive a ticket, or tickets can be printed and issued by a member of staff using SmartKey.

SmartPrinter can simultaneously drive multiple Touch Screens all configured independently and showing different information. Useful if you have multiple Waiting areas.

The extensive setup menus are straightforward and easy to use. An inbuilt ticket editor allows you to quickly design tickets. Each Queue can have a different ticket design and with extensive replacement fields for Average Waiting Time, Queue Length etc. the customer is kept fully informed.

SmartPrinter Ticket Editor screenshot
Ticket Editor - SmartPrinter

Kiosks and Touch Screens

When running a Queue Management System where customer will self issue a ticket a Wall Mounted ticket printer with one or more buttons for the different services is usually sufficient. When you do need to present the customer with a greater choice or provide other information a Touch screen is the better option.

SmartPrinter can drive multiple touch screens. Either free standing or inbuilt in a Kiosk the screens allow customers to select their service and self issue a ticket.

Touch screens are more flexible than discreet push buttons allowing more information and choice to be presented to the customer.

The Touch screens driven by SmartPrinter can be located some considerable distance from the PC on which SmartPrinter is running. Like SmartMonitor, SmartPrinter also has the extremely useful Preview feature allowing you to preview the Touch screen you are configuring on a local monitor.

SmartPrinter Touch Screen
Touch Screen - SmartPrinter