DigiQ® Queue Management System

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  • Brilliant Ultra Blue LED Display
  • Best Speech and Chimes
  • Keypads or Wire Free Radio Buttons
  • Easy Self Install
System16 Keypad
DigiQ - Our latest Queue Management System
Designed by Clive Simmens, DigiQ has over thirty years of design expertise distilled into one product. Supremely versatile, DigiQ is the ideal choice for a Call Forward System or a Ticket System.

Customers expect speech and DigiQ doesn't disappoint. With unique, brilliant, eye catching, Ultra Blue LED display and superb speech DigiQ is the number one choice for Queue Management.

DigiQ Display

DigiQ comes with a wide selection of chimes and speech phrases. The speakers, with their Rare Earth Neodymium Iron Boron magnets, produce superb, high quality, stereo sound. DigiQ plays standard MP3 files allowing you to easily add your own speech messages.

With a wide range of compatible items to choose from including Counter displays, Keypads, Ticket Dispensers, Ticket Printers and Wire Free buttons, putting a Queue management System together is easy.

Take a Tcket System
The ultra slim display, with a depth of just 39mm accepts a standard VESA mount making installation quick and easy. A moving message and direction arrows are optionally available to further inform customers.

For large waiting areas link multiple DigiQ displays together. For back office feedback use remote information displays to show Queue Length or Average Waiting time.

Call Forward Icon
Call Forward System
Customers wait in line and the customer at the front of the queue is directed to the next available position. No need for tickets. This type of Queue is suitable where customers will only wait a few minutes and space is available to form the customers into a line.
Take a Ticket System
Ticket Queue System
Ticket Queues work with either pre-printed tickets supplied on a roll or tickets printed on demand. Customers don’t need to wait in line and are free to browse. For Queues where the average waiting time is more than a few minutes this is the best solution.
Pharmacy Icon
Pharmacy System
A duplicate ticket is printed. One ticket is given to the customer, the other remains with the prescription. When the prescription is ready for collection you enter the number and call the ticket. A moving message keeps customers informed.
Epson TM 88IV Thermal Ticket Printer
DigiQ Ticket Printer
If you want to personalise your tickets or to print tickets with the time and date on them you can. Just select a ticket printer.