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About Ctronix

Ctronix was founded in 1979 by Clive Simmens, a Science graduate of Cardiff University. With a team of Welsh software graduates and designers, Ctronix is dedicated to producing the most sophisticated, elegant and reliable Electronic Queue Management systems and displays.

We are located in Cowbridge,
a small market town in the heart of the Vale of Glamorgan. Surrounded by countryside and close to the sea where the spectacular Jurassic coastline has great walks and some superb, sandy beaches.

New Druids
The New Druids Hotel was built in about 1880 to provide accommodation, refreshment and stabling for customers of the newly constructed Cowbridge Railway. Our award-winning herbaceous border shown above used to be the station platform.
As the longest established and most prolific designers and manufacturers of Queue Management systems in the UK, Ctronix has comprehensive ranges of products that have been sold worldwide and our distinctive designs are best-sellers in their respective markets.

Autocall restaurant visual paging system is the UK's leading brand.

QuickQ ticket system is the UK's most popular ticket system, with sales of over 16,000 displays.

System 16 is the most widely used Queue Management system by UK Local Authorities.

Ctronix continues to lead the way in innovative Queue Management design with our DigiQ Call Forward, Ticket Queue and Pharmacy systems and our Smartsoft comprehensive suite of software programs.

  Ctronix - from design concept to innovative solution.