DigiQ® Ticket Printer

Epson TM-T88IV
Epson TM-T88V   Desktop Printer
Printing Tickets on Demand
If you want to personalise your tickets or to print tickets with the time and date on them then you will need to use a ticket printer. Similarly, if you want to issue duplicate tickets for a Pharmacy Queue you will need to use a Ticket printer.

Tickets printed on demand offer a number of benefits. With pre-printed tickets DigiQ has no way of knowing how many customers are waiting.

Tickets printed on demand don’t have this problem. DigiQ knows how many customers are waiting to be served because it issued the print commands so can provide valuable feedback via System16 keypads which show the Queue Length and Average Waiting time.

This same information can also be fed to a back office where a 2 digit Counter display can be used to show the Queue Length, Average Waiting time or both.

In addition the System16 keypad will also display messages showing any problem with the printer such as ‘Printer Low on Paper’.

Types of Printer
There are two printers available for use with DigiQ. An Epson TM-T88V Desktop POS style ticket printer and the Ctronix CXL-TPS Wall Mounted ticket printer.

Both are extremely reliable, quiet, high speed thermal ticket printers with inbuilt autocutter.

Using the System16 keypad you can edit the message printed on the ticket as well as add replacement fields for Time, Date and Queue Length.

You can also select to print single or duplicate tickets. If you select duplicate tickets you can choose between a short duplicate where one ticket of the pair only contains the ticket number and a full duplicate where two identical tickets are printed.

To print a ticket with the Desktop POS printer you simply press Function key F3 on a System16 keypad. That’s it. Multiple keypads can share the same printer.

The ticket printer connects to the DigiQ system via Smart232. This small device has an RS232 Serial Port on one end that connects to the printer and a System16 connector on the other end. It is powered via the System16 interface as are all System16 devices.

The CXL-TPS ticket printer is supplied with Smart232 mounted internally.

CXL-TPS   Wall Mounted Ticket printer