DigiQ® Pharmacy

DigiQ Pharmacy
DigiQ - Pharmacy System
Customers hand in their prescription at the Pharmacy where a sequentially numbered ticket is printed in duplicate. One ticket is handed to the customer, the other goes with the prescription.

When the pharmacy has completed a prescription, staff enter the ticket number on a keypad to call the ticket. The DigiQ display then shows and announces that the ticket number is ready for collection.

The Customer presents their ticket and is handed the prescription. If the Customer fails to turn up you can Recall the number using the Recall key. Alternatively the ticket can be switched to “Ready for Collection” status.

The moving message keeps Customers informed. It is fully configurable and would typically show a Preparing Prescriptions message with the outstanding ticket numbers. For tickets that were not collected when called, the moving message can also show a “Ready for Collection” message with all ticket numbers that are ready for collection.

The “Ready for Collection” message allows a Customer to wander off and then, when returning, see at a glance if their prescription is ready for collection.

DigiQ Pharmacy Kit

Part no: DQPT-K1

A complete kit for a DigiQ Pharmacy System. Everything you need to get up and running quickly. DigiQ and the Desktop POS Ticket printer are supplied pre-configured and ready to run a Pharmacy Queuing System. Mount the display, connect the Keypad and Ticket printer and plug in the power. It's that simple.

Kit contains the following items:

  • DigiQ Display with Moving Message
  • Vesa Wall Mount
  • 36 Watt Power Supply
  • Mains Power Lead
  • Desktop POS Printer
  • System16 Keypad
  • Smart232 Printer Interface
  • All cables and connectors
 DigiQ Pharmacy Kit DQPT-1