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Runnymede Changes to Smartsoft Self-Install

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Runnymede Civic Centre
Runnymede Civic Centre
The Borough of Runnymede is a prosperous area of the County of Surrey with a population of over 80,000. It takes its name from the water meadow on the banks of the River Thames where the Magna Carta was signed.

We were contacted by the Customer Service Manager at Runnymede Civic Centre for advice. They had a busy Customer Service area with a Reception desk and 3 Counters . A Queue Management system (not a Ctronix hardware or software system) had been installed previously and they were looking to purchase an alternative that would provide many more reports and was easier to operate. They also needed more product support and a system recognised for its reliability and robustness. The Civic Centre already used a 52" plasma screen and a ticket printer at Reception and Runnymede were keen to use these items with any replacement system, rather than have the expense of purchasing new hardware.

We established that Runnymede's screen, ticket printer and staff monitors were Smartsoft compatible and Customer Service and IT staff then visited our Demonstration room at Ctronix to try out all the Smartsoft options. Runnymede were soon confident that Smartsoft would provide all that they required and decided to change to a Smartsoft Self-Install system. They quickly returned to Ctronix with a PC and our team loaded the software for them, whilst Customer Service staff had further training.

Smartsoft can now be purchased as a Self-Install option, for Local Authorities to load onto a PC themselves and purchase their own hardware or use existing items. This proves a very cost effective way of creating a feature rich, easy to use Queue Management system, safe in the knowledge that you have the backup of the longest established (1979) Queue Management design team in the UK.