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Carmarthen's New Queue System

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Carmarthen Customer Services
Carmarthen Customer Services Centre
Carmarthen lays claim to being the oldest town in Wales. In AD 75 the Romans built a fort in the Spilman Steet area of the town. Spilman Street is now lined with many fine 18th and 19th century buildings, one of which is home to the Carmarthen Customer Services Centre.

The Centre had been using one of our simple ticket systems with two LED displays and pre-printed tickets for some time. Customer Service managers were keen to upgrade to Smartsoft to obtain detailed reports for every Customer enquiry as Smartsoft systems can generate 60 different Smartreports and provide Smartstatus live monitoring.

The Customer Services waiting area was fitted out with a new large screen to display Smartmonitor data and call Customers for service using Welsh and English. Bilingual speech was an essential element of the upgrade, since about half of the inhabitants of Carmarthen speak and use the Welsh language on a day-to-day basis, with many more able to understand it.

We installed Smartkey virtual Web based key pads at each Counter and Interview Room to record every Customer enquiry. The Reception desk was also provided with a POS desk printer and a Touchscreen to print tickets. We added DigiQ® Ultra Blue Counter displays over each Counter and Interview Room. Our unique DigiQ® Counter displays can be used to complement our Smartsoft software modules in an integrated Web-based system and we are pleased to confirm that this smooth transition from simple ticket system to Smartsoft has streamlined Customer Services.