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News 2008

Our demonstration room opens

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After extensive building work in 2007 - never an easy proposition in a building that was originally designed as a Victorian hotel and is now situated in a Conservation Area - we are pleased to launch our new demonstration room. The room has been designed to give office staff a hands-on experience of our extensive range of hardware and software modules and the Queue Management system runs continuously to give a real office environment experience.

One area is dedicated to System 16 Customer and Counter displays and we show by simply connecting Smartgateway to an established installation, users can upgrade to the entire range of Smartsoft modules. Remember, System 16 is the most widely used Queue Management solution in the UK.

Smartreports creates real-time reports and users can print their own examples direct from our Queue Management database. The Smartprinter module drives the printers and we have a POS desktop printer and our new CXL-TPS printer for you to use. We also have a touchscreen that you can set up to display different queues and print tickets using Smartprinter. The demonstration room has a 32" Professional LCD screen that can be configured using Smartmonitor to display and announce queuing information in five separate modes and users are encouraged to change the appearance of the screen and the speech using the intuitive drop-down menus. Central to any demonstration has to be our Smartkey Virtual Web-based key pad which can be used to issue real tickets and call and serve customers. We also have System 16 CXL-TES key pads connected to the system as an alternative choice and offices can use a mixture of both.

Another area is dedicated to our versatile new DigiQ display system, demonstrating how it can be used as three distinct Queue Management display types namely, Call Forward, Ticket and Small Office.