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Ctronix is the Welsh design company that creates and manufactures the UK's most innovative and widely used Queue Management systems and displays.

As the longest established Queue Management design team in the UK, with 38 years of expertise, we have developed the most extensive list available of both hardware and software products and we have a range to suit every type of Queuing application.

Ctronix distinctive designs have proved to be best-sellers in their respective markets. Our comprehensive System 16 range with its multi-function key pad is the UK Local Authorities most widely used Queue Management system. Our QuickQ ticket system is every UK Supermarket's favourite Queuing system, with sales of over 16,000. Our Autocall restaurant visual paging system is the UK's leading brand.

DigiQ Front Angle View

DigiQ® is our very latest Queue Management System with superb sound and unique, brilliant, eye catching, Ultra Blue LED display. It comes as standard with a selection of chimes and superb MP3 speech. DigiQ is extremely versatile and can be configured to run Call Forward or Ticket controlled Queues with up to 30 positions. For ticket systems DigiQ can run with pre-printed tickets supplied on a roll or tickets printed on demand using a POS style desktop printer. DigiQ can be operated by Wire Free push buttons or System16 keypads.


Ctronix continues to lead the way in innovative Queue Management design with our new Smartsoft software system. Recent installations can be found in Local Authorities and Retail Stores across the UK and Ireland, with case studies on our Smartsoft page.

Ctronix - from LED display to Web display, we offer the full range of Queue Management solutions.

Cardiff Library
Cardiff Library Cardiff Council chooses our Smartsoft system for their Central Library Hub.